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History of FedEx Pilots' Wives Association

The FedEx Pilots’ Wives Association (FEPWA) began in 1975, when Fred Smith, FedEx founder, was asked by the Shrine School for Handicapped Children for a contribution and he asked the pilots’ wives for assistance.  For several years we continued to support the Shrine School.  In 1987, FEPWA adopted the Ronald McDonald House as our primary charity when it was just in the planning stages and we became one of their founding partners. The Ronald McDonald House of Memphis began construction in 1990 and opened its doors in 1991.  FEPWA has sponsored one of their family suites and also their teen recreation room, which we decorated with a beach theme.  Every year FEPWA decorates the Ronald McDonald House for Halloween.  


In 2009, when it was announced that the FedExFamilyHouse was going to be built at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital, FEPWA decided it would be a perfect fit to adopt them as another one of our major charities.  FEPWA sponsors a family room and the children’s play area at FedExFamilyHouse.  Every Christmas since their opening in 2010, FEPWA has decorated the FedExFamilyHouse for the holidays.  One hundred percent of all money raised by FEPWA goes to these charities and to date we have donated more than $360,000.

In 2019, FEPWA received its determination letter to officially become a 501c3. We are an independent 501c3 and is unaffiliated with FedEx or any of its subsidiaries.

FedEx Hub Tour in front of a MD10